Sunday, July 03, 2005

emni i

onek din kichu post thought onno jaygar post mere dei.
this is a debate i got into, at an online community. the topic was:

You are to be reincarnated. You are given two choices. Your first is to be a below average looking person with limited social skills. Your intelligence measures nothing short of genius and would allow you to pursue any field you choose. Your other option is to be a gorgeous social butterfly of below average intellect who is liked by everyone you meet (regardless of sex). Which do you choose? Which do you think is actually more advantageous in today's competitive society?

Given this forum's composition I have the feeling that intelligence will come out heavily weighted - but I encourage you to give it more than passing thought. Through my personal experiences so far in life, to be beautiful. it will be easy for you to be sexually gratified, you will have an active social life, and will generally be happy all around. I can't seem to come to a definite answer. Thoughts?

Posted by ayreena

definitely an intelligient person is more competitive for todays society. but i would go for beauty.


1. if i m beautiful, and at the same time liked by everyone is very likely that i can find an intelligient person within the fan club, thru whom i can get my tasks done. (it feels great to be a free-rider)

over time i have learned, its brain that does and beauty that gets things done. i have done enuff this next time...........

2. a dumb person is given less or no responsibilty.

3. if anything goes wrong, a dumb person is charged less that an intelligient person.

4. life for a dumb and beautiful person is easier, and simpler. their problems at the most reaches to 'Would Johny make a better husband than Sam?' or 'keno je shob chelera amari preme pore '

am too sleepy, cannt think of anything more at this moment

Posted by $HaDow Kid
dnt mind senora but sorry to say .. the things u me it sounds more of being a looser!

Posted by ayreena

i feel more like a loser when i work for 5 days and nights, for getting a report done, and my beutiful classmate gets it done by her admirer

i feel more like a loser when i spend one hour understanding a formulae, and my beautiful classmate is coached the same formula in ten minutes by her admirer

i feel more like a loser when i cannot cross the one mark hurdle and get higher grades, and my beautiful classmate persuades the teacher to get 3 grace marks, and hence raise her grades

i feel like like a loser when my crush dates a more beautiful, but less intelligient girl.

yes, i understand, behind the success of the beauty is the brain.....but not always.i have seen what brains does in hours, beauty does in seconds. so i opt for beauty.

i hope i have made myself understood.


At 7/7/05 11:03 PM, Blogger Dead_Man_Rollin said...

Beauty does matter, but in the short run. Nature balances out things, so beauty+intelligence don't usually come together.


At 8/7/05 12:07 AM, Blogger aaziz said...

u are so damn wrong :P
i have seen very beautiful and intelligient girls

At 8/7/05 12:14 AM, Blogger emonbit said...

"onek agge,ekbar holo ki,prithibir shobcheye shundori meyer shathe shobcheye budhhiman cheler biye thik holo eei vebe je,tader shontan_era hobe prithi r shreshto shontan.kintu prokiriti tader porasto korlo.karon tader shontan ra pelo maye'r budhhi arr baba'r chehara."

bolg ta pore keno jeno golpo ta mone porlo.tai likhe fellam chotto kore.

prokrit_e jeikhane chayna,sheikhane amra manush_rai ba kivabe duitake ekshathe kore dekhi ba dekhar cheshta kori!baparta manusher udhhotto achoron chara arr ki!

At 8/7/05 1:36 PM, Anonymous Shaon said...

vai,apne bar bar apner blog id change koren kan?? ekbar 'ayreen' r ekbar 'neerya' abar'ayreen'! :o
'Meye-khela' paichhen naki ?? :@

At 10/7/05 4:52 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

apatoto sticking to this address


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