Thursday, June 16, 2005


stress is a new flavor of emotion for me.
and the way it tasted made me feel sick.

No, i didnt yell at people,i didnt throw utensils, i didnt smash things, i didnt kick my cpu, i didnt bang my mouse....but i have behaved rudely with the people around me.Rude, but in a subtle way...enuff to hurt them.

at the utmost point i felt like telling my beloved teachers 'maaf chai....onek koshto paitesi', but ego-istic as i am: never will admit that i cannot take in any more!

i m only half way thru, and have more to go. dont know how i m going to manage. i have stopped communicating with people around fear of making severe blunders, like many times in the past. yes, some people i do regularly spent time with; but they are only those, who are going thru the same stress as i am...

i would like to conclude by thanking my respectable teachers, for adding a new dimension to my life.teacher of IBA rules!!!!!

*hate the overuse of the word 'I' in writings, but couldnt help using it, for this writing!


At 16/6/05 11:14 PM, Blogger Rikhi said...

dun know why ... but seems like this time i have learnt to get along with the stress ... may be just because i have accepted it to be inevitable

At 16/6/05 11:58 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

the fact that i m doing some of the work only to please my teacher, rather than for my own benefit is what stresses me out most.
and ofcourse, ambiguity is another factor.i have realized over time that i have zero tolerance for ambiguity.i just freak out!!!

the rest is well managable

**those doing job: no need to mention that facing ambiguity is the most important bla bla bla.....


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