Friday, April 29, 2005


talked to you few days back, you said that you cannot come.
talked to your brother today, he said that you will be coming.
understood that your brother means more to you!
i have nothing to say on that.
its ur life, u r to decide who means what to you.
maybe u lived longer with your family, so they mean more to you.
maybe u feel more attached to them for the same reason!

last time you came, after 4 years, for a month. and went to your brother, spent 15 of 30 days of ur holiday there.
of the last 3400 days (approximately) i have spent at most 100 days with you, rest of the days went in anticipation of these 100 days.
me being detached from my family: maybe u r the reason behind it.

but shouldnt you have understood? when your family means so much to you, then it should mean the same to me! i need my family as much as you do! my brothers mean just as much as your brothers mean to you!

abbu.... i long to be with my family too.
i want to have a family too.
its only one life i have, i dont want to feel so secluded for a lifetime.
when will you ever understand?

or should the question be: will you ever understand?

(**by family i mean parents and siblings)


At 16/5/05 3:19 PM, Blogger Rajputro said...

Eta amar dharona ei "Desolate" er shera lekha.
Kintu Etar Comment field khali.
Ami nije jokhon porechilam ami o kichu likhini..othocho ami blog porle shochorachor comment likhe thaki.

Taar mane ki amra shudhu manusher anonder shomoyei thakte chai nisshongotay / dukkher shomoye noy?

At 24/5/05 6:01 PM, Blogger Roaming Life said...

Society means a lot and it is really painful for them who is living a lonely life in this society.

Humen's need started with "BASIC" and ended up with "SELF-ACTUALIZATION". Belonging comes at the vital stage of need heirarchy and nothing become realistic and practical if belongingness remain immaterialised.

I am so sad to read such a blog that it automatically circulated a feeling into mine " Why are we doing all this if we aren't have minimum mental satisfaction in life, : what is the value of this life if we can't pass a simple happy life together? Is it everything for parents to ensure just aristrocacy in life?

That injustice I do hope to be for none even it cause to lead a meaningless life with all (Siblings and Parents). May be, it can keep heart rests well with eternal peace and happiness.

At 24/5/05 11:31 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

maslows need heirarchy theory

to roaming life:
i was just curious about who you are

to rajputro:
amra tokhoni ekjoner dhukkho/nisshongotay thakte chai, jokhon shey ekjonta amader prio manusher talikay pore.

At 25/5/05 2:00 AM, Blogger Rikhi said...

some words are better left unsaid ...

some feelings are better left unexpressed ...

And ...

a classic piece of art is hardly dared to be criticezed ...

a classic blog post is hardly dared to be commented ...

At 25/5/05 2:03 AM, Blogger Rikhi said...


Sorry! typo ...

At 25/5/05 7:16 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

<<< some words are better left unsaid ...
some feelings are better left unexpressed ...>>>

two of these lines indicate that i shud not have said, what i have said. i shud not have expressed what i have expressed!

is this what you meant rikhi? :P :P

At 26/5/05 6:46 PM, Blogger Rikhi said...

lolz ... no baby! ;)

you got me wrong. I said those for me ...

i never comment on the quality of a post ... my comments usually communicate the feelings the posts generated while i was reading them ...

so that means ... after reading this post, i felt it was better to leave my feelings unexpressed ... after all there are feelings that are better not to be tried to be translated in words ...

get my point now baby? ;)

At 27/5/05 12:22 AM, Blogger aaziz said...

comment delete kora to ami jantam onno karo obbyash, rikhi er ei obbhyash kkobe theke holo??? :S :S

tao abar dui duikhana comment!!!

At 27/5/05 1:57 AM, Blogger Rikhi said...

nije buddhi diye nijei abar dialogue mara hocche? :p
beshi smart hoiso na? :P

btw ... comment delete kora kar obhbash? 8-)

At 28/5/05 9:04 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

i was always 'as'smart honey :D :P :P

comment delete kora orkut er kaar jaani obbhyash...torai bolsili onek age :-s mone nai naam, eta mone ase je taar orkut e 5 ta account chilo.


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