Thursday, June 09, 2005

to Tumpa

hi there
How are you?
well, I can guess.

Tumpa.....why do you expect so much?
only because a person cared for you, doesnt mean that, that person will care for you forever.
only because a person has given you importance, doesnt mean that, that person will give you importance forever.
only because you meant a lot to a person, doesnt mean that you will mean the same to that person forever.

Tumpa aint you mature enuff to sense these things? then still why do you get hurt? why does these things agonize you?

grow up babu.get over it. its high time that you learn to engulf the neglects.



At 12/6/05 8:58 AM, Blogger Dead_Man_Rollin said...

Err..sorry for going off-topic, but as far as I remember, we went to Al Jubail a couple of times. There's a beach over there, right? :s

At 29/6/13 9:25 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

ishtiaque bhai
keno jaani eto din por apnar msg dekhlam. ji jubail e beach ase. amra swcc ( saline water conversion corporation) er quarter e thaktam. basha theke shomudro dekha jeto :D

sometimes i miss saudi, specially the beach.


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