Friday, May 06, 2005

Ayreen in Wonderland 2

i have learned to transform:

from friend to competitor
from listener to communicator
from spectator to presenter
from leader to follower
from product to consumer
from consumer to marketer
from marketer to financer
from financer to manager
from manager to legal advisor
from programmer to service provder
from researcher to subject
from surveyor to respondent
from criticizer to praiser
from learner to coach

I have learned to trade:

quality for quantity
ethics for grades
personality for bootlicking
emotion for logic
truth for relation
conscience for benefits

I have come across teachers who:

take 15 minutes to 19 hr exams
prefers quantity over quality
are punctual to one hour late
are strict about 0.5 mark to linient about 10 marks difference
are strongly biased to non biased
says 'you are the brightest' to 'jaa chyamra doura'
claims 'Teachers are god here' to'What i say is nonsense, why do you listen to me?

Alice, do you have options of so many transformation in your wonderland?
do you have so many variations of one species in your wonderland?
come visit my wonderland someday.
Its called IBA

(**this is a copy of the previos blog,just that i was not sure which one was better!!!!.....would be expecting your comments regarding this!)


At 7/5/05 2:26 PM, Blogger Rajputro said...

Ki bhai Dail dhorsen kobe????

At 7/5/05 6:57 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

jeydin theke apni meyederke bhai daka dhorsen!!!!

At 12/5/05 2:52 PM, Blogger Rikhi said...

both are good ... in their own ways ... but the "2" is more structured ... clearer ...

keep writing gal!

At 13/5/05 11:13 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

bhaloi diplomacy shiksosh beti :P :P

At 28/7/05 11:49 PM, Blogger emonbit said...

im still enjoyin'...any next comments plz....


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