Tuesday, June 21, 2005

next 3 hours

i have an exam within 3 hours.....a midterm.
i have just skimmed thru 20% of the syllabus. dont know how i m going to make it.and i m least worried about the exam. kind of 'ki achey jibone' feeling.
now i plan to take a shower. then manjafy for half an hour. then go to iba, and addafy for 1 hr, and then sit for the exam.

its a long time, that i have sat for an unprepared exam. have gone thru several impromptu presentations recently, but 'impromptu'exam....mmmmmmmmmm it has been days.

i still have time to cover atleast 80% of my syllabus, but not feeling like.iccha jokhon kortesena tokhon aar ki kora!

Update: 22/7
Got my answerscript yesterday.....got a 70 out of 100. a good output, considering the input :D


At 24/6/05 2:17 AM, Blogger Rikhi said...

the exam wasnt that bad according to our preparatoin ... what do you say? :D


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