Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ayreen in Wonderland

One moment a friend, next moment a competitor
one moment a listener, next moment a communicator
one moment a spectator, next moment a presenter
one moment a leader, next moment a follower
one moment a product, next moment a consumer
one moment a consumer, next moment a marketer
one moment a marketer, next moment a financer
one moment a financer, next moment a manager
one moment a manager, next moment a legal advisor
one moment a researcher, next moment an programmer
one moment a surveyor, next moment a respondent

one moment i ask, next moment i answer
one moment i criticize, next moment i congratulate
one moment i learn, next moment i coach
one moment i question rickshaw pullers, next moment i question grameen phones marketing manager, regardin government policy.

one teacher takes 15 minutes midterm, another takes 19 hours midterm.
one teacher wants quantity, another wants quality
one teacher starts classes at 8, another starts same class at 9
one teacher: freeriders are smart, another freeriders are dead meat.
one teacher 'you are the brightest students' another 'jaa chyamra doura'
one teacher strict about 0.5 marks difference, another linient about 10 marks difference
one teacher says:'Teachers are god here' another teacher says:'What i say is nonsense, why do you listen to me?'
one teacher 'you can enter and leave the class as you wish' another 'no one enters the class after i enter'

Alice, do you have options of so many transformation in your wonderland?
do you have so many variations of one species in your wonderland?
come visit my wonderland someday.
Its called IBA


At 5/5/05 10:04 PM, Blogger emonbit said...

one moment i read it,next moment i forgot it
one moment i guess, u r in trouble,
next moment,nooo ur place is so lovable
one moment i think life is so complicated, next moment i guess is this duplicated?
one moment i rememberd tht word 'COMMENTS',next moment wht can i say except the word 'JOTIL'.........................................................................................eMON

At 7/5/05 7:36 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

it always feels good to hear nice things :D :D :P

At 8/5/05 12:06 AM, Blogger emonbit said...

yes,its lik a alice infront of alice(mirror version).
means, jotil infront of jotil.
(bt,original never stands behind shadow,though sumtime we cant differentiate them)

At 9/5/05 5:42 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

ye mane emon
i m lost
ektu jodi help korte aar ki.......!!!!!


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