Monday, June 20, 2005

Happiest day in weeks

what did i start my day with? dont exactly remember. Not that its too important, but just that the day being a joyous one for me....i was just wondering.

I was supposed to have a quiz today. recent depression, frustations and stresses kept me awake all night long. as a result i used to go to bed early in the morning. this constantly kept me from attending my 8 o'clock classes. that led to the fact that i didnot know what the syllabus was, neither did i have any idea of the content of the chapters.hence i didnot study a word. mmmm i wasnt even in a mental state to study. so when the quiz was not taken i was one of the happiest people!

in the morning, i realised that tomorrow i am supposed to have a midterm, with a HUGE syllabus. needless to say, i wasnt aware of the exam, and neither did i study a word. the realization just freaked me out. and the news of postponing the exam, sounded as good as my favorite music.

on my way home, i told saba- my friend, that i have a feeing that theres a surprise waiting for me at home....something good is going to happen.
as i was saying my prayers, my cell alerted me of an sms. half way thru my namaz, i checked it......and bang! i got a B+ in a subject i expected to get a C

and around 3 hrs later dadu informed me of a new tuition offer!

what more is needed to rock a day???!!!!

i know most of the good news is related to studies, but those who know me, knows that i m a nerd in no way!


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