Monday, July 11, 2005


few days back i was with my friends, and this topic of mukhtaran mai came up. i was shocked when i heard it.

loveless love-making sounds sick and disgusting to me....and this thing here is so much more than that. not rape, not even gang-rape, but a lot more to it: gang-rape in the front of whole village.and what was this poor ladies fault? she had plead to the chief of the panchayat not to punish her brother for being seen with a girl of higher clan!

after hearing tit-bits, i came home and read the story. i could do nothing more than clutch my fist, and grit my teeth and moments later i closed my eyes,and let out a breathe of frustation.

frustration of being one of the more vulnerable sexes.
frustration of being so incapable.
frustration of being so unable.

what more can i do other than sit in bangladesh and empathize with a lady in pakistan...because we share the same gender and same fears!

while writing this blog, i remembered a little conversation with one of my friends at school. she had asked many girls, and found out that every single one had been molested when they were child.


At 10/7/05 5:17 PM, Blogger Lone Ranger said...

It is not your gender that is the problem. It is not your powerlessness that is the problem. The problem is your religion. You have no more rights than women of the 7th century.

At 12/7/05 6:42 PM, Blogger llanin said...

think positively.what can u do for a pakistani girl?nothing with out clutch ur fist n grit ur teeth. (as u say).then try to do somthing for bangladeshi girls.

At 15/7/05 9:20 AM, Blogger sameen said...

Its not the religion at all. Its the mindset of people (not just the men!). You of all people, being a broadcaster for 32 years, shouldve known better. Woman have the rights alright. Theyre just not allowed to use em.Those who go for it, get it all. Those who lay low get crushed. Thats just the way the world works. Its the same all over the world. Some places its extreme, some places its subtle.

At 18/7/05 12:42 AM, Blogger Chimichanga said...

just to let lone0ranger know, if you check back. The penalty for rape is "death" in Islam, which by the way not even the case in the U.S.A; not in Texas either: you know Texas is not always following the rest of the country. PLease do educate yourself.

For the author, I can totally empathize with that. I am also a female and it's true how helpless I feel sometimes, specially when I am back in Bangladesh. But that doesn't mean we have equality in the U.S. either. We don't! But it's much better than the rest of the world.

At 18/7/05 4:51 PM, Anonymous Tora said...

Lone ranger, you certainly dont know the rights of women in Islam. Read up on history, and you'll see the rights Islam has given to women.


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