Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is it me, or is it them?

Recently I bought a new mobile. Nothing high-tech. Actually I went to buy the old one I had: Nokia 1100. It is the cheapest and the most user friendly set around. For some reasons, users of 1100 very reluctant to change their sets. But well instead of the usual one, I bought one with radio in it. For a few days i was know the usual post purchase conflict: whether I had taken the right decision or not.... but surely i dont regret now.

The sole reason behind satisfaction is the radio. I am addicted to it. I have found a way to spend my time while travelling. I also carry a MP3 player with me, but for some mysterious reasons i just haven't grown fond of it. I was kind of trying to find out the reason behind the one sidedness; afterall the purpose of radio and mp3 is kind of the same. the following seemed to be a valid answer:
I loved some of the songs over the radio, which i dont have a clue where to get them. so i keep on listening, incase i get lucky; while on the other hand i know i own the songs in my mp3, so i can enjoy them whenever i want, which in most case is never.

Another reason may be that radio gives you a feel of interaction and is a great remedy for loneliness... i.e. suppose on a beautiful, rainy night when you are in dire need of someone beside you, switch onto the radio, and bam! theres someone conversing at the highest possible speed, talking about the romantic night, playing songs perfect for the environment, and the helplessness just seems to get washed away.

Talking of songs.....I have heard some really awesome songs, along with some really aweful ones. Well bad tunes have always been there....for time immemorial...... but hey whats with the lyrics! since when have they become

' andar biryani baar baar khai'

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