Monday, September 05, 2005

give me ideas

i m supposed to be in bed rest for 6 weeks, and its just 4 days. i m already bored, and tired of taking rest. though i plan to start my daily activities within a few days, yet i have no clue, and am scared as to how i m to spend the next few days.

can anyone suggest me something interesting? i m on tranquilizers, so i start snoring minutes after i start reading. i hardly use the computer, because its hard for me to position my plastered leg when i m on the computer.

waiting for ideas.....


At 5/9/05 11:18 AM, Blogger Sanith said...

Oh poor thing, how did that happen? Is It ankle? Get well soon. Will ya?

I can’t wait till you blog about how you cracked your leg? Was it funny?

BTW, This is what you should do:

Sleep long
Eat healthy
Watch TV

Other than that, (not recommended) in case you are terribly bored:

Asked your aces to come over and you probably have several old-school board games or card games.

or, You could re arrange your family photo albums..

I can’t think of anything else right now. It’s late in here and I am going moo-moo (sleep)


At 5/9/05 5:02 PM, Blogger dhupsaya said...

Hey how did THAT HAPPEN?

Lemme think...

Yes You can either try watching "Bengali Movies" of Dhaliwood. or You can Think about the recent GP ad where it shows that a son buys a cell phone for the mother who stays in the remotest part of the country(I guess the NGOs can do something about it in their Hard to Reach Mother Project...:P) worrying (with a Lantern on..No Electricity..hehe)about her son in the city. I am sure the mother was thinking about her son's mental aptitude. As the ad shows, if she is in a village where no electricity is available, HOW THE HELL IS SHE GOING TO CHARGE HER CELL PHONE SET? COME TO THE CITY? I think the mom was worrying about the mettle of her son'S MENTAL CAPABILITY...


There are so many ads that can give u food for thoughts , CHEERS!

At 5/9/05 6:08 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

the lantern thing was done on purpose :P
there are solar chargers available...this concept was utilised in the ad! and by the way its one the best bangladeshi advertises i have seen.

thanks for the ideas guys.


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