Thursday, September 08, 2005

in short: i fell from the rickshaw, and the rickshaw fell on my leg
result: 2 cracks and 1 undisplaced fracture and few bruises here and there.
treatment: plaster from thigh to fingers, and bed rest for 6 weeks

will write details when i m bit more healed.


At 8/9/05 8:01 PM, Blogger Sanith said...

Just to add on to your note:
Lesson Learnt: No more Rickshaw ride for you.

Buy a bike or something gals look cute on helmets besides putting their lives on other hands (Rickshaw Driver)

You were not cruising with 3/4 people on board where there was only room for 2. Were you?

Damn Rickshaw.. BTW What fell on to Rickshaw? ( lol.. kidding… Just the way you posted it)

Not funny.. I should not make fun of it.. hey .. Could have been worse though… Thanks god that you will be ok..

Anyway, how is my boredom tips coming along?

~ Sanith

At 12/9/05 1:28 PM, Blogger Rikhi said...

my cell is serving its purpose wonderfully ... at least for you :D

you look good baby! :D

At 15/9/05 4:20 PM, Blogger Dead_Man_Rollin said...

Take care of yourself. Inshallah you'll get well soon.

At 16/9/05 12:55 PM, Blogger aaziz said...

to Sanith:
1. I already have a bike.
2. I was the only passenger
3. Nothing fell onto the rickshaw. A fast moving car hit it, while passing by.

to Rikhi:
yeah, thanks to ur cell :P

At 19/9/05 11:30 AM, Blogger dhupsaya said...

sorry to reply so late, but ur ankle does look in a "Tight Situation".

Hope u recover soon by the grace of ALMIGHTY and keep on posting!


At 19/9/05 7:33 PM, Blogger FuaD said...

I feel lucky when I recall I was hit by a speeding car... and only I had my skin torn off at places which healed eventually.
Dhaka emnitei risky...rasta ghaat to aro risky... kokhon ki hoy bola mushkil.
Oh well... dowa kori je you recover soon... then we can party ;]

At 20/9/05 7:22 PM, Blogger Sanith said...

Rikhi – You are kidding , gal. If that's what you think good? wait till she starts cursing in the Rickshaw again! She looks terrible now.

Dhupsaya: Tight Situation! I hope you are not a hip hop fan and described "tight" as being "kool". Where have you been anyway?

Fuad: I wanted to go to your blog and post it there, but got too lazy, . Did you happen to study in NBPC in your HSC? (Wild guess, just ignore me if I am way out of line)

Aaziz: How is it going now? Everything's cool, gal? You know I was just kidding about "What's falling on to rickshaw thing" Take it easy, sparky.

~ Sanith

At 22/9/05 2:43 AM, Blogger FuaD said...

Sanith... I have no idea about what NBPC is.
Ayreen was telling me it might be the 'nobo bodhu pitano college' :P.
Well.. my college is in chittagong... schools were in Riyadh and chittagong... university in dhaka.
If you have any more queries... don't be lazy to ask. =]

At 23/9/05 11:16 PM, Blogger Sanith said...

he there hi there ho there..
Thanks Fuad.
Funny, eh? Good that her sense of humor is still unbroken :-) Keep entertain us, homey. I love it.

~ Sanith

At 24/9/05 1:28 AM, Blogger aaziz said...

there was this other full-form that i had given :P 'new balika potano college'.....fuad er biyer boyosh hoise bole bodhdhoy, o shudhu oita mone rakhse!

At 2/10/05 9:22 AM, Blogger Kingbodonti said...

tomar vanga payer chobi dekhe fellam..... :P

At 5/2/06 3:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice blog apu! I hope you get well soon. Amar ekta post e apnar link rekhechi.... i hope you don't mind... tc.. bye

At 4/11/06 7:45 AM, Blogger emonbit said...

ki obostha akhon?


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